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It would be nice to get everyone to stay at the same hotel that way it makes it easier to meet up with everyone. Let me know where you want to stay and I will post the most popular choice to the list. It is still your choice to stay wherever you want. If these motels don't appeal to you let me know there are about twenty others in the area. If you want me to check out any of these places just let me know. Please let me know if you plan on staying at one of the hotels so I can get an idea of how many will be here.


Rates per night

Phone Number


Motel 6 $37.99 for one adult

$43.99 for two adults

1-800-4Motel6 Florence, Ky Dream St.
Super 8 $52.00-$56.00 for a Single

$56.00-$60.00 for a Double

1-800-800-8000 Florence, Ky Dream St.
Knights Inn $52.95 for a Single

$55.95 for a Double

1-800-210-9759 Florence, Ky Dream St.
Ramada Inn $64.00 for a Single

$68.00 for a Double

1-606-371-4700 Florence, Ky U.S. 42
Holiday Inn $69.00 a night 1-606-371-2700 Florence, Ky U.S.42


All of these motels are located right near each other and are very close to the Florence Mall.
Off of Interstate 75 you will be getting off of exit #180. If you are coming southbound on I-75 you will turn left off of the exit. Dream Street will be on your left just after crossing over I-75. If you choose to stay at Ramada you will be able to see it on the right after you cross over I-75.
If you are going northbound on I-75 you will still get off of exit #180. You will be turning right. Dream Street will be on your left and the Ramada will be on the right. You should not have any problems seeing there signs.