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March 28, 1998

This was my first MR2 rally that I had ever attended. It was one of the most exciting days I have ever had. Even though I was there in my 88 NA automatic. We had 63 cars at this event. The ride was totally incredible and the scenery was spectacular. I have to give special thanks to Dave Rothrock for planning one of the best events I have been involved with.

Here are some links to the pics of that incredible day.

Pic 1 A pic of the infamous Joe Pearlstein entering the lot in his pristene MKII.

Pic 2 Many nice cars in this pic.

Pic 3 A really nice MKII with body kit and wheels.

Pic 4 A shot of the many cars filling the lot.

Pic 5 Another shot of more cars in the lot.

Pic 6 A really cool shot of us all lining up on the onramp to the highway.

Pic 7 A highway shot of Jeff Fazio in his heavily modded MKII turbo.

Pic 8 A shot of the line of cars behind us on a country road. Beautiful scenery.

Pic 9 Another onramp shot. Really neat.

Pic 10 Time for a little break. To much excitement.

Pic 11 Another really cool shot of the MR2's behind us.

Pic 12 A shot of the MR2's in front of us. MR2's everywhere.

Pic 13 MR2's as far as the eye can see.

Pic 14 Getting off the highway. Really neat lineup.

Pic 15 A lot of the cars all parked for lunch.

Pic 16 A pic of a nice looking Yellow MKII Turbo.

Pic 17 That is one sweet 85 MKI, red of course.

Pic 18 A pic of a really nice White MKII turbo.

Pic 19 Steel Mist Grey is such a neat color on a MKII turbo.

Sure hope Dave decides to do a DC Drive III since I missed last years.