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If you would like to become a member of the Tri-State MR2 Owners Club please drop me a line and let me know. Our club is FREE of any dues or fees of any kind.

At this time we are targeting Northern Kentucky, Southern Ohio, and Southeast Indiana, but will accept members from anywhere. Though we would like for you to be able to attend some of the meetings and other events if possible. Though it is not a requirement for club membership.

There are a lot of great things that we can do together in this area so please let me know that you want to be a member of the Tri-State MR2 Owners Club.

If you would like to become a member of the Tri-State MR2 Owners Club go to the Sign Up page.

Also please feel free to join us on our private mailing list through E-groups. Tri-State MR2 Mailing List

And we also have a forum on the MR2 Owners Club Message Board. Please feel free to join either or both.








Joe Shutte

88NA, 88 SC & 93T

Independence, KY

Tri-State MR2 Owners

Club founder


Kameron Vanover

86 NA & 89 NA

Somerset, KY



Dave Stradtman

85 Blue NA

Park Hills, KY

85 Red NA as well


Felipe Villalobos

91 White J-Spec T

Cincinnati, OH



Chad Toennis

93 Super Red NA

Hamilton, OH


Arnold Medina

91 Red Turbo

Denver, CO



Ron Katz

87 Black NA

Columbus, OH



Jud Covert

87 Red NA

Apple Creek, OH



Ross Hunt

88 Blue SC

Ft. Thomas, KY


Randy Wilson

93T & 87 NA

Zanesville, OH



Mike Smith

87 Gold NA

Oxford, OH



Don & Tammy Kline

86 NA

Plainfield, IN

SCCA D-Mod Solo2 car


Aaron Peters

91 White NA

Springfield, OH



Dale Adkins

91 Black NA

Nashville, TN



Darryl Thomas

91 Turbo sold

Pleasant Ridge, OH

 2001 Subaru WRX

Bret Chase

87 Silver NA

??? Maine

17 JP Jackson 91 NA & 87 NA Cincinnati, OH  
18 Terry Heick 85 NA & 92 T Louisville, KY  
19 Armando Perez 88 Red SC Indianapolis, IN Crazy Cuban is back.
20 Charles "butch" Hill 94 Black NA Ft. Thomas, KY  
21 Scott Klein 93 NA Colerain Twp., OH  
22 Bill Koehnlein 86 NA McCordsville, IN  
23 Jeremiah Marcum 93 NA Lebanon, OH  
24 Joel Webster 91 Red Turbo McDermott, OH Nice 91 NA now a Turbo
25 John Behle 92 White NA Union, KY  
26 Kent Underwood 91 Turbo Bardwell, KY  
27 Rex Van Zant 91 Nau. Blue NA New Castle, IN  
28 Mike Hammer 91 Black Turbo Columbus, IN  
29 Jeff Jackson 91 Black Turbo Cincinnati, OH  
30 Alex Sarino 91 White NA Louisville, KY Many mods and goodies
31 David Eaton 00 Silver Spyder Indianapolis, IN  
32 Rick Adams 92 Black Turbo Louisville, KY Lot's of Mods
33 Bobby Howell 91 Black Turbo Cincinnati, OH  
34 Anthony Jennice 92 Red/Yell. MKII Lancaster, OH Check it out! WOW!
35 Thu Ngoc Pham 91 Red Turbo Columbus, OH  
36 Jeff Loewe 87 Red NA Cincinnati, OH My autocross hero!
37 Woo-Sup Song 91 Turbo Louisville, KY  
38 Len Bailey 88 Red NA Johnstown, OH  
39 Steve Trego 86 Black NA Dayton, OH  
40 David Jones 85 Red NA Prestonburg, KY  
41 Adam McCourt 94 Em. Pearl Turbo Cleves, OH A.K.A WardSpose
42 Mark Mckinney 91 White NA Dayton, OH  
43 Doug East 86 Red NA Wapakoneta, OH  
44 Kraig Schmitt 95 Black Turbo Louisville, KY 95 Turbo
45 Eric Larbes 89 Black NA Cincinnati, OH  
46 David Theobold 86 Black NA Hamilton, OH Slightly Modded MKI
47 Raphael Hurier 91 Red NA Clifton, OH  
48 Jason Hazelip 01 Yellow Spyder Harrodsburg, KY First MKIII
49 Brendon Greve 88 Red NA Cincinnati, OH  
50 Josh Hoffman 00 Black Spyder Cincinnati, OH Modified MKIII
51 Chris Martin 91 Aquamarine NA Hamilton, OH  
52 Nick Weidner 01 Black Spyder Cincinnati, OH  
53 Chuck Gillespie 87 Black NA Fishers, IN   
54 Sean Roberts 92 Black Turbo London, OH   
55 Eugene Benskin 86 Yellow NA Pine Village, IN  
56 Kevin Smith 91 White Turbo Vandalia, OH  
57 Gary Muzzillo 00 Silver Spyder Edgewood, KY  
58 Brian Kane 87 Gold NA Cincinnati, OH  
59 Marc Abrosius 00 Blue Spyder Cincinnati, OH  
60 John Kaiser 93 Turq. NA Georgetown, KY  
61 Mike "D"  Richardson 93 Red NA Cincinnati, OH   
62 Don & Pat Snodgrass 01 Silver Spyder Murray, KY  
63 John Price 91 Red NA Ft. Knox, KY  
64 Ron Nusbaum 86 Red NA Madison Place, OH  
65 Rick Gabbard 87 Red NA La Grange, KY  
66 Kenny Stoltz 88 Torrid Red SC Lexington, KY  
67 David Eastham 91 Red Turbo Richmond, KY  
68 Jonathon Smith 91 Super Red NA Lexington, KY Mildly Modified
69 Jacob Smith 93 Turq. NA Cincinnati, OH
70 Nicholas Smurthwaite 91 White NA Pickerington, OH No Mods Yet!
71 Scott Freeman 88 Red NA Cincinnati, OH  
72 Billy Roberts 92 Black Turbo Louisville, KY Garrett T04E/T3-57 turbo
73 David Terrell 91 Red Turbo Villa Hills, KY Upgraded CT-26
74 James Winkler 01 Yellow MKIII Georgetown, KY Stage 1 bodykit
75 Mike Smith 91 Black Turbo Cleves, OH  
76 Matthew Bechtel 89 Black NA Cincinnati, OH  
77 Brandon Oldham 86 Blue NA Mason, OH  
78 David Cayia 93 Black Turbo Cincinnati, OH Unmolested 93T
79 Juan Martinez 91 Yellow Turbo Ft. Knox, KY White 91 NA  R.I.P.
80 Ed Rosich 91 Red Turbo Erlanger, KY
81 Robert James 88 Orange Pearl NA Bloomington, IN  
82 Mark Muse 01 Black MKIII Louisville, KY  
83 Shawn Martin 92 Black Turbo Germantown, OH Many mods!
84 Jeff Godsey 01 Black MKIII West Chester, OH  
85 Dan Rusconi 93 White Turbo Hebron, KY Some mods!
86 Tim Moore 87 Black NA Byesville, OH  
87 Zac Cady 85 Silver NA Fort Knox, KY  
88 Vas Abramov 91 White NA-Turbo Louisville, KY 3SGTE Swap with mods
89 Doug Jensen 88 Red SC Hebron, KY  
90 Sean Mendell 92 White NA Fort Thomas, KY TRD Widebody kit
91 Chris Kroeger 86 Black NA Cincinnati, OH  
92 Tony Garcia 91 Red NA Cincinnati, OH  
93 Chris Resing 91 Red NA Fort Wright, KY  
94 Howard Sutcliffe 01 Yellow MKIII Parma, OH Dual exhaust, intake, soon turbo
95 David Johnson 86 Red NA Richmond, KY  
96 Rene Keyzer-Andre 86 Red NA West Carrollton,OH  
97 Dave Crum 86 Red NA Rockfield, KY  
98 William Thorn 91 Red Turbo Middletown, OH  
99 Josh Duglin 92 Black Turbo Louisville, KY  
100 Josh Hickman 01 Kaiser Silver Metallic Spyder Loveland, OH Veilside is all I will say right now.
101 Dan Shute 92 Blue Turbo Lexington, KY  
102 Kerry Steed 91 Yellow Turbo Wilmington, OH  
103 Nick Uhas 91 Black Turbo Hilliard, OH  


You can reach me at but if it is to let me know that you want to join just put CLUB in the subject line.