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On Saturday August 14, 1999 Northern Kentucky Run 2 will take place in Northern Kentucky. Where in Northern Kentucky you are asking yourself? We will all be meeting at the Florence Mall in Florence, Kentucky as we did last year. We will be meeting and greeting from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00. This is when you have a great chance to check out everyone's ride and talk to some pretty interesting people. From the mall we will go on a spirited little journey onto some of Northern Kentucky's more spirited roads. There will not be a lunch stop, you need to get breakfast before you come. Or you can get something from the foodcourt at the Mall before we leave. They have a lot of different restuarants to choose from. The route we will be traveling is pretty much nailed down. We will be having dinner at Willie's Sports Bar. Very nice place.

We will be awarding two prizes before we leave the mall. They will be nicest MKII and MKI. All the other prizes will be drawn randomly at a later time in the rally. There will be a packet with all the days events, directions, stop offs, and some goodies that will be handed out on rally day. All the prizes that we were hoping for we now have. I would like to thank Dale Adkins of TRIMOC for helping me out with all of this. He and the members of the Tennessee Region really showed us a great time at the Nashville Night's rally in May.

Then on Sunday August 15, 1999 there will be an autocross at Campbell County High School. I am hoping that lot of people decide to race so we can have a large MR2 turnout. There are a couple of guys coming to the event that you will want to see race. There are also some local's that race there MR2's regularly and are quite good. So even if you don't want to participate in the autocross you will still have a good time watching. There will be directions in your packet. For more details check SCCA Cincy Region Solo II


If you are going to be traveling northbound on I-75 you will get off of Exit #180 Florence Union. You will turn left at the light and travel through three lights, at the fourth light you will turn onto Mall Road. You will follow Mall Rd. thru two lights, at the third light you will turn right into the mall and follow the road around to the right until you come to the Florence Y'All water tower. You should then see a bunch of MR2's.

If you are going to be traveling southbound on I-75 you will get off of Exit #181-A Mall Road. You will turn right at the light onto Mall Rd. and turn right into the Mall at the first light you come to. Follow the road to the right until you come to the Florence Y'All water tower. You should then see a bunch of MR2's.

If you need directions to Interstate 75 let me know and I will get them for you.

You can reach me at