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We are slowly working on the details about this rally and will really get them worked out after the holidays. The dates are pretty much set, Friday March 24 for early arrivers, Saturday March 25, and Sunday March 26, 2000. The event will be held in Birmingham, Alabama. For the most up to date information please follow the link above.

If you think you are interested in going and are a member of the KY Region IMOC please contact myself a

Here is the coordinator list for this rally
Alabama: Jim Griffin/ Kerry Wood/ Ron Rutledge
Mississippi: Brad McCoy
Tennessee: Dale Adkins
Kentucky: Joe Shutte
Georgia: Phil Naut
Publicity (Grassroots  Motorsports): Susie Sherman

If you are a member of some of the different clubs around the country try and contact the club coordinator. If your club isn't listed above you can contact Jim Griffin he is the main planner of this event. If you would like to help in the planning please contact Jim. There are a lot of great ideas being thrown around and we are wanting this to be the largest MR2 gathering to date. Please plan to attend.

You will see Jim Griffin's BEAST and hopefully Steve Hoult will be there with the MINI BEAST. This you don't want to miss. If your ride is as bad as theirs you will want to bring it to this event.