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Here are some pics of Carl Crawford's Supercharged V-6 MKI. Though I didn't get to ride in it from what I saw this thing is totally awesome.

Click any image to get a larger view of that image.

New pics of the car are at the bottom of the page.

Here he has added a drivers side vent and relocated the fuel door and filler to the top of the engine lid.

Here is the GM 3800 V-6 SC that he somehow got in the engine bay of the MKI.

Here is a pic of the shortened half shafts. Is that what they are called? I am not totally sure.

Here is a pic of the stock supercharger on the 3800 V-6.

Here is the relocated fuel filler. Looks like is should have always been there.

How do you get subs under your seat. Like this. There was a little cutting and welding going on with this mod.

And this is what it looks like under the car.

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If you have any questions about this car I am sure Carl would be happy to answer them though I know he stays busy working on the car. He can be reached at