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What: Rolling Hills Tour 2002 Spring

When: May 18-19, 2002

Where: Northern Kentucky

Updated 5/12/2002

Why attend? For the fun of meeting other MR2 enthusiasts like yourself.  For the excitement of driving on some very fun, twisty, and scenic roads within a caravan of MR2's.  For the experience of seeing some of the more interesting places northern Kentucky has to offer.  And for the pure enjoyment we will have at the Import Drag while kicking some import butt.

If any of these things interest you at all, I suggest you plan on attending the Rolling Hills Tour in Northern Kentucky May 18-19, 2002 

Saturday May 18, 2002

Devou Park Directions

We will start meeting and greeting at the Devou Park at 8:30 a.m., we will leave the park at 10:15, we will be at our first stop at 11:00, it is call the Rabbit Hash General Store, in the town of Rabbit Hash.  it is right on the river and has been in business since the 1800's.  It is a really neat little place to check out.  We will leave there at 10:45 and head to our next stop which will be lunch at 1:00.  We will have a central meeting place and you can just head to whatever restaurant you choose.  There is Arby's, Long John Silvers, Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, and there may be more but I can't think of them.  We will leave our lunch meeting place at approx 2:30, we will then head up the Indiana side of the river to the Competition Go Kart Track in Lawrenceburg Indiana.  We should be there around 4:00 and will stay til around 6:15.  We will then drive about 3 miles to Delanys for dinner.  They have a varied menu, steaks, chicken, fish, pasta, sandwiches, salads, prices range from $6.95-21.95.

While at the Devou Park we will be doing the judging for everyone's favorite MKI, MKII, and MKIII.  I will tally the votes at lunch where I will present the winners there plaque.

Maps and all the pertinent information will be handed out in your packets the day of the event.

There will be no charge for this event, and therefore we will be limited in the prizes that we can give out.  The reason for this is because the weekend after our meet the SE 2002 meet is going on in Birmingham Alabama so with me having to get ready for that along with so many other things, time is at a premium.  

Sunday May 19, 2002

We will be getting together to go to Edgewater Raceway for the Import Day.  All imports, no domestics, this is our chance to show the rest of the import world what we are all about.  And I have a good feeling we have a few owners that can do it to.  I will have more details on a meeting place in the upcoming weeks.  Now let's go whip some import butt.

Hotel Information

I found this great site while searching for hotels for the out of town folk.  Southern Side of Cincinnati 
I suggest you stay somewhere in and around Florence Kentucky.

If you want to attend this MR2 meet please drop me a line at to let me know.