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Directions to Devou Park

If you are coming South on I-75 you will get off of the first exit when you
cross the bridge.  It is exit 192, 5th Street, Covington/Newport.  When you
get off the exit you will immediately have to go right or left.  You want to
go to the right toward Ludlow.  Turn right at the stop sign.  Go through 1
stop sign and you will be right in front of a Hampton Inn. As soon as you
pass it Western Ave will be on the left.  Turn left onto Western Ave.
Follow the road till you see a sign for Devou Park.  There is a small green
sign on a pole on the left or there is a bigger one on the right.  You will
make a real sharp right hand turn which will point you in the direction you
just came.  Make sure you keep going to the right and you will find yourself
at the top of the lookout with a large parking lot in front of you.  We will
be there.
O.k. the short version.
Coming 75 South from Ohio Take the first exit across the bridge.
Exit 192
Follow the sign toward Ludlow.
Turn Right at the Stop Sign.
Go past the Hampton Inn and turn Left onto Western Ave.
Turn Right into Devou Park and keep right till you reach the top.

If you are coming North on I-75
Take exit 192, 5th Street Covington, Newport
Turn Left at the light.
At the second light turn left onto 3rd Ave.
Stay right till you pass the Hampton Inn
Turn left onto Western Ave. Go about .75 miles
Take SHARP Right into Devou Park and keep going toward the right till you
are at the top.  That is where we will be.